Strokemaker Hand Paddles

Strokemaker Hand Paddles

  • Increase distance per stroke by inhibiting early recovery.
  • Strengthens swimming specific muscles as well as muscles used in water propulsion.
  • Holes and flexible design of the paddles improve the swimmer's feel for the water.
  • Paddles exaggerate to the swimmer both correct and incorrect movements.

Sizing Guid

  • XXS Light Blue
    • Paddles measure 5¼" wide x 6¼" long 
    • For advanced swim classes, young age-groupers, ages 5-10
  • XS Red
    • Paddles measure 6¼" wide x 7" long
    •  For 8-11 year old age-groupers, female masters, synchro
  • S Aqua 
    • Paddles measures 7" wide x 8" long. 
    • For 9-13 year old age-groupers, young high school girls, female masters/triathletes, synchro, water aerobics/rehab
  • M Yellow
    • Paddle measures 7½" wide x 9" long. 
    • For older age-groupers, younger high school boys, older high school girls, college women, masters, triatheletes, synchro, water aerobics/rehab
  • L Red
    • Paddles measure 8¼" wide x 9½" long 
    • For senior national level girls, older high school boys, strong college women, college men, male masters/triathletes, synchro, water aerobics/rehab, body surfing
  • XL Dark Blue 
    • Paddles measure 8½" wide x 10" long 
    • For senior national level men, strong college men, very strong college women, advanced male triathletes/masters, water aerobics/rehab, body surfing

*XS Green is the most commonly ordered size

*Note that some of the colors have changed in some of the sizes. If you get a different color please check to make sure it is the right size before contacting us. 

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