Utah 2017 Western Zones Team

The items listed below are all of the required (and one optional) pieces for the 2017 Utah Zones Team equipment package that you have purchased through Utah Swimming. 

Please consider this your order form. We ask that you use the swimmer's name who is swimming on the Zones Team as the name on the order when you check out. This insures that we get the correct order with the correct swimmer along with the proper names on all the items. We understand that some guardian have different last names then their swimmer's and we wouldn't want to put the incorrect last name on an item because the order was placed under the guardian's name and not the swimmers. 

This year you have total control over what tech suit you and your swimmer would like. There will be a Zones discount, but it will vary depending on the suit. So we ask that you contact us about any questions you have about the suits and prices and that you come into our Provo store for the fitting of the suit so that we can make sure we get your swimmers into the perfect one for them. 

Please remember to include a note on check out that lists the following things, if you don't include these then it will be very difficult for us to accurately fill your order: 

  • Swimmer's Full Name
  • Swimmer's Age 

Your first deadline to place your order is July 15th and you must mark the order by using the discount code UTZones2. Orders placed before the first dead line will 100% be ready for pick up at the Salt Lake store on August 7th. (See below for more pick up details) 

Your last chance to place an order is July 30th by 7:00pm. If you do not place your order before then you will not have your items for the Zones Meet. If you are rushing to place your last chance order you must mark the order by using discount code UTZones3. 

Using the above listed discount codes not only negates any shipping charges, but also marks your order in a way that insures that we know you placed an order for the Zones Team. 

All orders placed by the first dead line, July 15th, will be ready and available for pick up at our Salt Lake store on Monday, August 7th from 10:00a-3:00p. We will try our best to get the last chance orders placed by July 30th, to the store for that pick up as well, but we can't guarantee it. 

All order either not picked up at the store or that were last chance placements will be at the Kearns Pool by 5:00p on Monday, August 7th for pick up at the mandatory Zones Team Practice. 

All of the below items that are listed at a $0.00 price are the required items for the team that you have already payed for through Utah Swimming. The Trading Caps are an optional item that you can purchase through us by including them on your order. 

If you have any questions or worries about sizing please come into our Provo location and Melanie or Kenzie will help you. You can also give us a call at 801-375-3987. 


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